XtraRecipes Mod For Minecraft 1.5.2 and 1.6.

Crafting takes a big part in the game of Minecraft. It is not an exaggeration to say crafting feature is what makes the game unique. If you have enough materials collected from your adventure, you can always craft the things you need as long as you know the recipes. However, problem strikes here. Some items and tools are unobtainable. Some of them are even uncraftable. Even if you want to have them, the effort you will have to put will be tremendous. I’m sure nobody wants to face that problem. So here is something you might crave. Check this out!

XtraRecipes Mod is a mod that will add more recipes and enable players to craft items and tools that weren’t craftable before. Even those that are not easily obtainable will now be craftable with this mod. Even the mineral ores will be craftable with the right materials needed for the recipe. This is pretty much everything about the mod. It’s quite simple if you see it, but this will really become the most loved feature ever.

XtraRecipes Mod For Minecraft 1.5.2 and 1.6 Main Feature
  • The mod will add more recipes and enable players to make more items and tools, even those that were uncraftable.
XtraRecipes Mod For Minecraft 1.5.2 and 1.6 Pros and Cons

This mod will really save a lot of your time, because you won’t have to be adventuring the whole world to get the valuable items or tools you want to obtain. All you will need to do is know the right recipe and craft them yourself. This mod will also add variety to crafting and it will really make your game more interesting and fun.

As you won’t need to search them anymore, adventures might become less challenging. You will no longer need to go through tough mobs and traps to obtain them. This might make you bored with the game.

DungeonPack Mod
Put MinecraftForge (universal) into your minecraft.jar
Delete the META-INF folder out of your minecraft.jar
Put the "DungeonPack *Version* Universal" into the mods-folder
Put MinecraftForge (universal) into your minecraft_server.jar
Put the "DungeonPack *Version* Universal" into the mods-folder

120+ new things mod
Red Enderdragon
Steve [human]
Beast Boy
Baby Zombie
Giant Slime

Obsidian Ore
Crying Obsidian
Minecart w/ spawner
Nether Reactor
Redstone block  added in 1.5

Iron Ore
Lapiz Ore
Coal Ore
Diamond Ore
Gold Ore

Iron Golem Spawn Egg
Snow Golem Spawn Egg
Ender Dragon Spawn Egg
Giant Spawn Egg
Obsidian Sword
Dirt Sword
Obsidian Spade
Dirt Spade
Obsidian Pickaxe
Dirt Pickaxe
Obsidian Axe
Dirt Axe
Obsidian Hoe
Dirt Hoe 
Obsidian Gem

sandy grassland
sandy mountains